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easy-desserts  Hello, fellow bakers and dessert enthusiast I am Dessert Girlie, I will be a guest blogger for SupaCute. Before we get started here are a few things about me: 

I’m a self taught foodie that loves making desserts. I specialize in Parfaits/Sweet or Dessert Shots. Most of what I bake is in memory of my Italian Grandma I called Nana (nah-nah). I dream of traveling to Italy to learn more about desserts and my family. For the most part baking for me is a hobby, since I work full-time with 12+ hours spent at a day job and a long commute into OC, so it’s something I do in my free time.

In today’s blog I will be using SupaCute’s "Joli "dessert cups and teach you how to make my Spumoni Parfaits. Normally, I make my pudding from scratch and not boxes, but in today’s blog we’ll be focusing on a quicker version for easy desserts.

Easy Desserts - What is Spumoni?

Traditionally, Spumoni is Italian ice cream with layers of different colors and flavors, usually containing candied fruits and nuts. Typically, it is of three flavors, with a fruit/nut layer between them. Cherry, pistachio, and either chocolate or vanilla are the typical flavors of the ice cream layers, and the fruit/nut layer often contains cherry bits—causing the traditional red/pink, green, and brown color combination.

Because I love chocolate and want each of my layers to have some texture I add chocolate chips to my chocolate layer.

Fun Spumoni dates: 

August 21st is National Spumoni Day in the US.
November 13th is National Spumoni Day in Canada.


Easy Desserts Spumoni Parfaits - What you’ll need:

1 box chocolate pudding (3 oz size)
1 box cherry gelatin (3 oz size)
1 box pistachio pudding (3 oz size)

4 cups milk (I personally prefer 2%)
1 cup boiling water
½ cold water
½ whipping cream

To taste

1 cup mini chocolate chips
15-20 maraschino cherries, chopped
1 cup pistachio nuts, chopped (optional) 

Follow the directions to make the puddings.

Chocolate Layer:

When adding the chocolate chips I sandwich them between thin layers of chocolate pudding.


Allow the chocolate layer to set in the fridge for about 30 minutes; this helps the cherry layer not to bleed into the chocolate layer and keeps your layers looking picturesque.

Cherry Layer:

Dissolve gelatin with 1 cup boiling water. Add ½ cup cold water then stir in ½ cup of whipping cream. You can use either something like CoolWhip or a liquid form. Stir until smooth, refrigerate for 20 minutes for a soft set. After chopping the cherries add them to the cherry layer. Place back into the fridge for another 20 minutes to set completely.


Pistachio Layer:

Cap off your Spumoni Parfait with pistachio pudding. If you buy the Jell-O brand of pudding they already have pieces of pistachio in it :-) Cover with the lids and place into the fridge until ready to serve.


Enjoy these easy desserts Spumoni Parfaits for up to a week when covered, or before the dairy product expires.


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Until next time …
Dessert Girlie


May 05, 2016 by Supacute Desserts
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Karey Waelchli

Karey Waelchli said:

These look and sound absolutely delicious! I’m in love with the thought of added chocolate chips and even more so the maraschino cherries, and so simple to make! Can’t wait to give them a try ?

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