SupaCute Desserts™ Adorable Mini Dessert Cups For Valentine's Day

dessert-cupsAre you looking for adorable mini dessert cups and wondering where you can find the best source for dessert cups? 

In this post we, at SupaCute Desserts, are going to share with you why you should use SupaCute Desserts™ mini dessert cups at your party and we will give you some tips to get you started for the special day as well as a quick and easy recipe.

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Adorable Mini Dessert Cups For Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, take the stress out of your dessert menu and prepare mini treats that can make the day all the more special. This year instead of the usual cakes and cupcakes, try these mini treats that you can serve in dessert cups and win brownie points — not that this is the idea, but doesn't hurt either.

 Encore-dessert-cups Le-Scoop-dessert-cups Jili-dessert-cups

    Mini Dessert Cups - Here are some tips to get you started for the special day

    • Sort the supplies a few days in advance and plan the mini treats.
    • Stock your pantry well, if there are demands for seconds or more servings.
    • You will need flour, fresh cream, butter, whipped cream, fresh fruits, sprinkles, chocolate chips or shavings or any other topping or ingredient you may have in mind.
    • Decide on the capacity that you want to serve so it will be easier to choose from the variety of shape, size and pieces that SupaCute Desserts™ is offering you.

    Recipe ideas for making mini desserts

    Peanut butter:

    • Use a big jar of peanut butter if you are making desserts for two people. IT is also a good treat for kids if you plan to make desserts for the entire family.
    • Mix peanut butter, three eggs, chocolate powder, sugar and sesame seeds as well.
    • Bake the mixture for 10-15 minutes, depending on the quantity.
    • Crumble the mix and fill into the mini dessert cups.
    • Top it up with some cream and cinnamon powder.


    Here are some sweet ideas from our customers:

    • Fill them with cream topped/chocolate syrup with fresh raspberries.
    • Serve ice cream with these cute mini dessert cups. Vanilla, coffee or mint ice cream is just some of the scrumptious options.
    • Cheesecake with fresh fruits is another idea.
    • Jello & chocolate pudding looks great with these dessert cups.
    • Chocolate covered strawberries with whipped cream.
    • Mini no bake cheesecake, parfaits or yogurt with berries.
    • Strawberry shortcakes and chocolate Kahlua trifles.
    • Coconut milk pudding and strawberry mousse.
    • Tiramisu and chocolate mousse.
    • Cheesecake and pudding shots.
    • Panna cotta parfaits and individual assorted pies.
    • Shrimp cocktails, appetizers, hors d'oeuvre and veggies with dip.

    Here are some cute pictures our customers sent us:

     dessert cups 

    dessert-cups dessert-cups 



    Why should I use SupaCute Desserts™ mini dessert cups

    Good question. Here are a few reasons:

    1. BPA free. Made with hard crystal clear food grade plastic so it will show you layered desserts with different colors.
    2. Recyclable - Washable - Reusable - Freezable - Disposable for after party cleanup.
    3. Cool & unique shapes that bring elegance to your table and gives you the WOW factor.
    4. They don't scratch and don't break easily as glass cup do.
    5. Easy to carry and perfect little bite-sized desserts for a pool party and any celebration.
    6. They are a fun way to serve desserts at a party!

    To your SupaFun Desserts,

    SupaCute Desserts™,


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