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Summertime is here and it’s one of the last weekends I’ll get with my Munchkin before he starts Kindergarten, so I figured I want to make this visit extra special for him.  As I tried to think of what do to with him I was reminded of my own summer childhood memories, visiting my Uncle Johnny with my brother. 

My Uncle would spoil us on junk food when we spend the weekend with him.  He would start by ordering pizza and renting cartoon movies, but before pizza, there were different types of candy bars to pick from.  After the first movie, we were treated to desserts which were cake, cookies, popsicles, and ice cream (with all the toppings and cones to stuff them into).  Even with all those choices for the ice cream, he still bought us Nettles’ Drumsticks Ice Cream Cones too.  We’d watch another movie then it was time for bed and we were told some of the silliest bedtime stories ever.

I might not be the best bedtime storyteller, but luckily for my Munchkin, I know a thing or two about desserts.  I decided to have us make Campfire Treats Parfaits using Supacute’s Jili cups.  They are a fun take on S’mores and with 2 of 3 layers very simple to make I figured Munchkin could easily help me make them.  I was able to snap a few pictures of him as we assembled the dessert.


After a Happy Meal dinner, we washed our hands and gathered our supplies.  In just a few times he has helped me I was impressed he remembered the importance of clean hands when working with food.  I had my Mom’s step stool all set up next to our food processor.
“Aunty, can open the box of Grahams?
“Yes, please.”
He was able to open the box with no problem (other than opening the bottom of the box instead)
“Auntie I can’t open the bag open”
I showed him how I do it by using scissors.
“I want to add them ... please”
“1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... 5 ... more Auntie?”
I nod “maybe 3 or 4 more.”
“6 ... 7 ... 8, okay Aunty I push the button now?”


I don’t know why but he has always been fascinated to use the food processor.


After the Grahams have been smashed add the melted butter.  Stir until both are well mixed, then scoop into the cups.  Fill to about the line on the cups.

“What’s next Auntie?”
“Please give me a minute to get the pictures for my blog and clean the bowl we use.”
As I take my pictures I hear the step stool moving across the floor.
“What are you doing Munchkin?”
“I’m going to wash the bowl so we can make pudding.”
I take a few more quick pictures and get up to help him wash the bowl.

After the bowl is clean he slides the step stool back to his spot.  I go to grab the milk and hear him opening the pudding box and wrapper to release the pudding powder.
“Can I pour the milk in please?”
“Yes, but let me pour it into the measuring cup”
I grab a whisk to stir the pudding and start to stir only to be stopped.
“Auntie I can do that for you.”
“Okay then let me hold your hand to help you get the sides”
“No, I can do it I’m a big boy” and he pulled the bowl closer to him.


“Good job Munchkin, you are mixing the pudding well.”
“Thank you, Auntie, what’s next?”
“Well, you could write my blog for me.”
“But I don’t know how to spell, Auntie.”
“I was only joking, but someday who knows you could help me do that too and you can be ‘Dessert Boy’.”
He smiled and continued to whisk.


Mix the milk and pudding till smooth and spoon on top of the graham crackers.  Be sure to leave a few inches from the top for the marshmallow crème.

I went back to taking my pictures and he comes up to me to see what I was doing.
“Auntie, what are we going to make with the leftover pudding?  Can I eat it?”
“Maybe, once everything is done and we have cleaned up our mess.”
He does a little happy dance and heads back to the kitchen.  Once there he starts filling the other cups with pudding.  I sneak into the kitchen and get the below picture of him.


After taking that picture I get the ingredients ready for the marshmallow crème.  When I turned to face him again licking the countertop, while it was cute to see I know it wasn’t something he should be doing.
“Hey Munchkin, whatcha doing?”
“Cleaning the counter.”
“Not with your tongue you don’t, here use a sponge.”
I handed him the sponge and he wiped up the pudding, then to my surprise got ready to lick that.
“Nnnoooo, don’t lick that it, there nasty icky germs on there.”
“Then how do I eat the pudding?”
“You eat the one out of the cup.”
“Oh ... then can I eat mine now?”
“Not yet it still needs the marshmallow crème.”


After melting marshmallows allow them to cool and pipe or spoon them on top of the chocolate layer.

While I’m piping the marshmallows he is running around the house being silly.  I quickly stuck them in the fridge so the marshmallows to cool and hope he’d forget.  Then I join him in the family room and look through our online movie guide.
***starts Lilo and Stitch (one of my favorites)***

About 10 minutes in ...
“Auntie, where’s my dessert?”
“Oh, you wanted to eat that tonight?”
“Yes please.”

***resumes Lilo and Stitch***


Enjoy these treats for about a week when covered or unless the dairy expires before.


A couple of fun dates you can make these Campfire Treat Parfaits are:
August 10th is National S’mores Day
August 30th is National Toasted Marshmallow Day


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August 11, 2018 by Monique Moussan
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