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In a way this post is like a celebration blog, last month was the first anniversary I started blogging for SupaCute Desserts and at the end of May is my Munchkin’s birthday (his party was this weekend).

So Happy Anniversary to Monique of SupaCute Desserts and you my readers. I’ve tried to keep them easy and full of flavor.   I’ve been able to share some my family favorites, while others have been inspired by different things I come across. I’ve enjoyed writing about the different things I’ve made and have learned right along with you all when I write. Please feel free to leave us a comment or review, so we can better this blog and make desserts that you’d like to see.

By the time my Munchkin was almost 3, he looked forward to his aunty make a dessert for his birthday. Feels like just yesterday I was making Super Mario Mushroom Cupcakes, for the 1up party.


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But now, he is 4 years-old and everything is dinosaurs and Star Wars. His parents thought this year’s theme should be dinosaurs. Immediately, I knew I wanted to make something with SupaCute’s cups, but I didn’t want to make Dirt Cups. In my opinion, they have been overplayed with dinosaur themed parties. Below are just a couple I saw from other bloggers and there’s much more on Pinterest.


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I don’t claim that my idea was my own, I just haven’t seen it done before, I forget what I was doing when I saw an ad for the movie Ice Age and that’s when I came up with the idea of filling Jili cups with gelatin instead of pudding.

I began pricing out mini dinosaurs and found the below


I didn’t need all 100, but I suggested an egg hunt for the kids with the extra. Next up was picking out the gelatin flavor. There was Blue Raspberry, White Summer Fruit, and Cotton Candy, the light blue shade of the Cotton Candy won me over and thought it would be enjoyed by kids and parents alike.


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Freshly washed dinos await their chilly fate …


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For a fun look, I added some whipped cream to look like glaciers.


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I also transformed some Sugar Cookies into Fossil Cookies. My Munchkin was nice enough to let me borrow one of his toy dinosaur for the footprints.


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For the last dessert, I formed some rice crispy treats into Dino Nests complete with eggs.


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But the dessert everyone enjoyed the most was Sprinkles the red velvet T-Rex!


I hope you all enjoyed this din-O-mite blog from my Munchkin’s birthday party.


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Until next time …

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