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 With Halloween this month the possibilities for this post  seem endless of what we can make. However, I already have  something special planned for Halloween and have a special  guest to help me mix things up. For this very easy treat, we’ll  be using SupaCute’s Jili dessert cups to make our FrankMint  Dirt Cups that’s bound to get you in the Halloween spirit.




Classic Monsters:

Universal Studios specialized in monsters, with Bela Lugosi's reprisal of his stage role, Dracula, and Boris Karloff playing Frankenstein's monster.  Werewolves were also introduced in films during this period. Mummies too were cinematically depicted as fearsome creatures.

History of Frankenstein:





Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein and the famous character of Frankenstein's monster have influenced popular culture for at least 100 years. The work has inspired numerous films, television programs, video games, and derivative works.

The first film adaptation of the tale, Frankenstein, was done by Edison Studios in 1910. The 16-minute story has Frankenstein chemically create his creature in a vat. The monster haunts the scientist until Frankenstein's wedding night when true love causes the creature to vanish.

The first sound adaptation of the story was in 1931. Frankenstein was produced by Universal Pictures, directed by James Whale, and starred Boris Karloff as the monster. In 1935, the sequel “the Bride of Frankenstein” was released followed by “the Son of Frankenstein” in 1939.

In 1942, actor Lon Chaney, Jr took on the role in” The Ghost of Frankenstein”, which sadly didn’t live up to the ones in the 1930s. Many other films were made during that era of this monster including a comedy in 1948 with Bud Abbott and Lou Costello.


One of my favorite versions of this monster is the Mel Brooks’ comedy “Young Frankenstein”, which starred Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle. The movie borrows heavily from the first three Universal Frankenstein films. The scene I enjoy the most is when Gene and Peter are singing and dancing to “Puttin on the Ritz”.

What You’ll Need To Do Your FrankenMint Recipe:



4 boxes of white chocolate pudding
1/4 teaspoon of mint (not peppermint) extract
3 drops of green food dye
1 bag of Mint Oreo’s or Grasshopper Cookies; crumbled
48 Hershey Kisses

1 roll of Tape
1 Sharpie or other types of black Marker
SupaCute "Jili" Dessert cups

Mint Layer:


Mix the pudding according to the directions on the box. Add the mint and green food dye and stir well. Pour into cups, leaving a few inches from the top for the cookie crumble. Place inside the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes until set.

Cookie Crumble Layer:


Top the Mint puddings with the cookie crumble.

Decorate a side of the cups with a monster face and tape the wrapped Hershey Kisses to the sides of the cup. *Might be easier to decorate the cups before.


Enjoy these ghoulish treats up to a week when covered or unless the milk expires before.


The same follower who made the Black Forest “Coffee Doll” made me a special Halloween Doll based off this year’s costume I’ll be wearing.

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