Terrifying Trio

halloweenWelcome Back to Easy Desserts,
It’s that time of year again where “it’s all about the candy” so, let’s start off October talking about the fun desserts you can make with your ghosts and ghouls leftover Trick or Treat candy. Last year’s trifle was fun, but my Munchkin told me he wanted more.

Me: How would do you want more?
Munchkin: more yums.
Me: Yes, I know you want more of my dessert, but how?  
Munchkin: more desserts … this many *hold up three fingers*.
Me: Oh so you want to eat more?
Munchkin: No, tree different kinds and Auntie …
Me: Yes, Munchkin
Munchkin: Me help?
Me: Since you want three different desserts, of course, you’re going to help me.

He had this cute little happy dance he did for me before heading to the car.
Me: Where are you going?
Munchkin: To the store for supplies
Wow, this boy is getting super smart on me, the good thing, for now, he doesn’t know how to blog or he would be taking over my job.

On the way, we talked about what we wanted to make and what we were going to call our creations. We decided on “Boo-berry Cheesecakes”, “Chocolate Graveyards (Dirt Cups)”, and “Bewitching Mix-Ins” (the name was a nod to the Christmas poem my friend wrote), together they form our “Terrifying Trio” ((bawhaha-ha)).

We decided to use SupaCute’s Joli cups and Jili cups for these desserts.


What You’ll Need:

- Boo-berry Cheesecakes

1 box cheesecake pudding*
1 cup of blueberries (frozen blueberries work too, once they have thawed) **
1 box of ghost Peeps
optional - about 10 Lemonheads
optional – 1/2 teaspoon lemon extract

*We add the flavor of it to lemon to our cheesecake pudding. I know there’s lemon pudding but we wanted our dessert to be white (not yellow), well close to it.

** We landed up using some raspberries with the blueberries. Wasn’t sure if raspberries were going to be in season when I wrote this, so that’s why I also commented frozen berries work too.


Pudding Layer:

In a food processor, place the Lemonheads in and mix them into a powder. (Munchkin thought it was funny to see the balls turn to dust.
Munchkin: Again Auntie *giggles*


In a medium bowl dump the cheesecake pudding. Add the Lemonhead powder to the pudding and mix according to the box. For even more lemon flavor feel free to add some lemon extract. Fill to the line on the cups or half way. Munchkin would watch as the pudding would mix.


Berry Layer:

Place the berries on top of the pudding layer. Munchkin helped me place the berries in the parfait and learned about presentation. With a little help, his dessert came out looking good (his parfait is the one on the right when looking at the photo).
Munchkin: Can I eat mine now Auntie?
Me: It’s not finished yet.
Munchkin: Awwwe
Me: Almost …


Finishing Touches:

Top the berries with more pudding and garnish with the ghost peep. We used toothpicks to hold them up.
Munchkin: Now, can I eat mine Auntie … Pleassse?
Me: It needs to chill in the fridge for a little bit. Plus if I let you eat that if you won’t have room for the Chocolate Graveyards or the Bewitching Mix-Ins.
Munchkin: Uh-huh *nods his head* I will Auntie, puh-leassse
Me: Let’s clean up then make our Graveyards and go from there …


What You’ll Need:

- Chocolate Graveyards

1 box chocolate pudding
about 25 malt balls
different types of chocolate bars, chopped
6 Milano cookies (might need more if the cookies don’t cut well)
10 chocolate cookies
gel food pen/tube


Pudding Layer:

In a food processor, add the malt balls in and mix them into a powder. In a medium bowl dump the chocolate pudding and add the malt ball powder to the pudding. Mix according to the box. Fill to the line on the cups or half way. As I’m filling the cups I hear the sound of a wrapper, I look over to my little helper and see a chocolate smile.
Me: Did you sneak a piece of chocolate, without asking?
Munchkin: *points to Grandpa* Grandpaw took one so I do too


Candy Layer:

Before all the chocolate bars disappear start chopping them for a crunch layer between your pudding layers. Pour more chocolate malt pudding into the cups on top of the chocolate bar layer.


Finishing Touches:

Cut the Milano cookie in half (or close to it). Write “RIP” with the gel pen/tube towards the top of the cookie. Smashing the chocolate cookies and place on top of the pudding. Munchkin did that as I wrote “RIP” on the cookies.   Add the Milano cookie halves and scoop in more cookie crumbs.
Munchkin: Auntie, do they need to cool too?
Me: Yep
Munchkin: Then can I have my Boo-Berry?
Me *sigh and think ‘there’s no fooling him” (was hoping he forgot about those)* Okay, but were you going to help me with our Bewitching Mix-Ins?
Munchkin: Nope, you can do that one.


What You’ll Need:

- Bewitching Mix-Ins

1 box green gelatin (doesn’t have to be green, that was the color Munchkin picked)
an assortment of hard candy* **
optional - 1 cup heavy whipping cream

*went to a craft store ahead of time and bought some candy eyeballs and bloody bones.

** We used Sixlets, gummy worms, and chocolate brains (bought the mold ahead of time too).


Gelatin Layer:

Before adding the boiling water remove a tablespoon of the powder gelatin and set aside in a small bowl. Then prepare the gelatin according to the box; I did the “Quick Set” directions on mine. As the gelatin sets add the candy, if you do this too soon it will sink to the bottom of the cups. Place in the refrigerator until it sets. As it was setting, I would some candy to help achieve the look of pieces floating.


Finishing Touches:

In a medium bowl whisk the heavy whipping cream to soft peaks.

When I went to plug in the hand mixer I hear the sound of something scraping against the floor.
Munchkin: *sliding a step stool over* Auntie, me help?
Me: Thought I was doing this one by myself?
Munchkin: But I like using the mixer with you. (Seriously, how can you say “no” to that?)
Me: Okay, then you can add the gelatin to the whipped cream and help me mix.

After adding the gelatin, whip cream to medium peaks. Next pipe the mix on top if the gelatin. Decorate with more candy, if you like, also this where the candy eyeballs, and chocolate brains work the best.


The Terrifying Trio can last up to a week when covered or unless the diary expires before.


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Just a reminder in a few short weeks the Halloween Wedding will be here.
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