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Well, it’s Halloween Day, so that means the special edition post you’ve been seeing advertised on my post and my social media for the last few months is finally here.

Traditionally, when people see “Save the Date” cards it means there’s a wedding upcoming. Well, that’s what I decided to showcase on this just for fun post, a wedding, but not just anyone’s. We (Monique from SupaCute Desserts and I) thought we would do the Frankenstein Monsters especially after Ms. FrankenMint parfait was made. The original idea was to do the parfaits and place them in front of different pictures as if they were getting married. After trying to find pictures and not having much luck is when I decided to go with a dessert table inspired by the monsters.

I have always felt more inspired to bake and/or decorate in the autumn and winter seasons. And one of my favorite holidays has been Halloween. Not because of most of the things associated with the day, but because of the colors (shades of black, reds, purple, green, gold, and silver) and the flavors of apple and pumpkin. One of my favorite things I love to get around Halloween are black and/or dried out roses and this is the best season I can normally buy them. (All the pictures in this post are mine unless otherwise noted)
That being said, let’s take a look and see what I made for Frankie and Lily on their big day. 

Table Décor:
I used a table from my parents; it’s the standard 6x4 size.

spider-tableclothNext up is the tablecloth. I picked up a plastic green tablecloth from the Dollar Store and over that I placed a black lace spider web tablecloth (hard to believe I found that at the Dollar Store too).


Now, that the table is covered time to accessorize (YAY). I found most of my decorations online or at various craft stores in my area.

halloween-treeThe trees can be made or bought; I went with bought since I didn’t plan my visits with my Munchkin well (was hoping to have craft time with him and make those, but we didn’t around to it). I saw some really cool LED trees too, but they were out of my price range. Later on, I was given some ghost to add to my trees. They light up, but for pictures, I left them off. 























My next bargain item, not only did I get one with the green tablecloth and lace spider web, but I also found some silver trays at the Dollar Store. ‘Hmmm… Maybe I can get those LEDs trees now. Nah, I have something else that will lighten up my table.’ I’ll be honest too, I did overbuy on those, and I decided to pick up some round trays too. Just in case … never know when I’ll need to fancy up a dessert. *winks*




Last year, my Mom bought me this cake stand. Good thing too, I thought I would look online and see if maybe I get another, but some people are selling them online for $15 dollars. She told me mine came from Target and she only paid $3 dollars. Wowers!





halloween-cake-topperEvery wedding cake needs some type of topper. So I found these really cute Frankenstein salt and pepper shakers. I think they’ll be too heavy (even while empty) to place on the cake so I placed them next to the cake instead




For the lighting, I saw this black candelabrum. I picked out this one with 3 candle holders because it reminded me of a Unity Candle Stand often seen at weddings. Even though the Frankie and Lily aren’t really getting married I thought it would be a nice touch. The candles are white with pops of Halloween colors in them, so as it melts you get fun colors to run down.





bouquet-flowerLastly, the booquet (couldn’t help myself with the spelling), again I know it’s not a real wedding but as I mentioned, I love black and dried roses and this was a great time to use some of the roses I’ve been saving over the year. I designed it to my liking as if I was getting married.







Is this the part you’ve been waiting for me to get to?

I wanted to make a few fun desserts for this table to go along with the FrankenMint Parfaits.


First up, are Mr.& Ms. FrankenMint; after filling some of SupaCute’s Jili and Joli cups I placed the minty monster's side by side on the table’s end. As a friendly reminder, Frankie gets the Jili cups with the Hershey Kisses and Lily gets the Joli cups and red lips.


Next, is one of my Halloween favorites: Candy apples! A few apple choices are Fuji, tart flavor. It is a very firm apple, so it will stand up to the heat from the candy coating. Galas are sweet flavor and firm, so maybe add a hint of cinnamon flavor to your candy coating to set off the sweet coating when working with these apples. Both Empire and McIntosh, have mildly tart flavors that work just as well. Last but not least, are Granny Smiths: (my personal favorite and what I used) the tart flavor is firm, so you can layer on the candy because this variety can withstand the weight of an epic amount of toppings. I’m leaving mine in their red candy shells, but feel free to decorate as you like.

cake-halloween cake

The crowning glory of the table: THE CAKE!!

I didn’t what a huge tiered layer cake, but something that Frankie and Lily would enjoy. I decided on a white cake with chocolate chip and raspberries. Between the cake layers, I added a raspberry coulis and chocolate frosting. After applying white frosting I chilled it in the fridge to get nice and cold for the drip effect to work properly. The blood drips are melted red chocolate and raspberry coulis drizzled over the cake.


Wall Décor:

For the background for my table, I wanted something special and to show the importance of “Love Beyond Death”. I have seen a few gothic inspiration pieces for the skeleton hands and thought it would fit the theme nicely. Death has something I’m still learning to cope and with.   The last few years I have seen a lot of death in my family. One of my late Aunts taught me that love doesn’t come late, so it’s why I kinda went with “Love Beyond Death” theme.

Next, I added some silhouettes of the couple from pictures I found online. I’ve seen silhouettes done of the married couple at the wedding and thought it would be a nice touch here. If I thought of it sooner I could have had the models have theirs done instead.

As I was taking pictures I was told the “Love Beyond” “Till Death …” didn’t make sense, so in short besides what I learned from my Aunt. I believe that love goes beyond the “till death to us part”, that is why I worded the picture as such.


The finished product.

Miscellaneous Pictures:

Below are some fun pictures of Frankie and Lily enjoying their dessert table.


The Monsters


Cake Cutting


Frankie Selfie

Although, some of the elements were made up and there it wasn’t a real wedding …
some of the elements used were real so is there something more to this “Just for Fun” post?


I hope you enjoyed this post and have a safe Halloween.


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October 31, 2017 by Monique Moussan