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Easter is early this year and I plan on having my April post published later in the month, so I thought it would be a good time to have another “Just for Fun” post. As we welcome spring or celebrate the resurrection of Christ on Easter, I believe the Trifle recipe I’ll be sharing with you will be a welcomed addition to your Springtime recipes.   I will be taking some shortcuts for this recipe, so you won’t be in the kitchen all day.

To me, nothing says Springtime like the sweet and tart flavors of lemon and berries. For this Trifle I’ll be using SupaCute’s Fantaisie cups (I had some leftovers from my Love Berry Shortcake Trifles), from there I’ll give a couple of choices you can use to assemble your Lemon Berry Trifle. You can use store-bought items or make them from scratch, I’ll be using a little of both.


To start our Trifles I like to add a spoonful of pudding/custard to the bottom of the cups to help keep the base layer moist.


Base Layer-

What you use here is key, for how you want the Trifle to taste. Regardless if you use Lady Fingers, Angel Food Cake, or a White Cake, the spongey texture with soak up whatever juices you get from the berries as the dessert sets.

Of course, that’s if you want your Berry Layer next. Personally, I like to do my pudding/custard next sandwiching the base. However, the added color the juice from the berries would give the Base Layer a nice touch.

I decided to use Lady Fingers (soft bake version) for my base.

Cream Layer Part 1-

The first cream layer in a Trifle is a pudding or custard layer. For quick a version boxes of pudding can be used. When using pudding I’ll usually use Vanilla, French Vanilla, or for an extra special flavor pop, I’ll use White Chocolate, depending on the other flavors that I’m layering. I’ve even used Banana pudding for some of my Trifles.

If you have the time, then I totally recommend making Custard for the Trifle. But wait there’s the Custard-in-a-Can (we used in February) so time again is on our side.

For me, I like the taste of homemade Custard (especially how the Brits make theirs) to go with my berries, so I’ll be using a recipe a follower gave me that their Mum used.

I can already hear some of you asking, “Girlie if this Trifle is called ‘Lemon’ Berry why not use Lemon Pudding?” Well, I suppose you could, but in the next few steps, you’ll see where I use my lemon.


Berry Layer-

You can’t go wrong with whatever berry you chose to use. Frozen or fresh, one or more for a mixed berry layer, it’s all good. I decided on fresh blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. I like the color of them poking through the custard.


Cream Layer Part 2-

Yep, that’s the next layer more custard. Guess I should have mentioned making a batch and half if you decide to make custard (I doubled mine and had a lot of custard left. Which works for me since I can use the rest of my custard for my favorite Whovian Holiday “Fish Fingers & Custard” Day on April 3rd). If you do the pudding instead be sure to buy the larger box. Or you could add more cake instead of cream. This is also a nice place to use the Lemon Pudding (but it’s not where I’m using it).


Cream Layer Part 3-

Next, top with whipped cream; if you want to sound fancy when presenting your Trifles call your whipped cream layer Crème Chantilly. I’ve gotten a few oooh's when I use it and makes me feel like my desserts are even more special.


Lemon Layer-

Finally, this is where I add my lemon. I make a lemon curd mousse and place a dollop right on top. It might not sound like much, but the tartness of the mousse is enough for all the layers to balance off of.


Finishing Touches-

The next 2 items are completely optional to add if you want. For me, they are what gives the Trifles that Easter/Springtime feel.


They are Peeps’ Bunnies and Chessmen: Seasonal Plants edition. I had to hide my Peeps’ when making these Trifles; not from my Munchkin, but rather my Mom. She was told if I wasn’t going to make the Trifles soon I wouldn’t have bunnies to use. In the weeks before Easter, I’m always finding empty Peeps’ boxes in the trash.


In my opinion to achieve the best tasting Trifles make them the day before. That way all the flavors have a chance to infuse together. As always when working with dairy products, enjoy these treats for about a week when covered or unless the dairy expires before.


Happy Springtime and/or Easter to you and yours.


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March 31, 2018 by Monique Moussan