Kitchen Torch 10"

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Kitchen Torch Jumbo Gold 10" 

  • Customer voted #1 satisfaction
  • Kitchen torch features high-intensity adjustable jet flame (2400˚F)
  • Used by professional chefs in the food industry 
  • Child proof safety lock, piezo ignition, and quick refill system
  • Lightweight with an ergonomic design to give you a comfort grip handle
  • The continuous burning time per tank (per refill) is about 36 at maximum fuel volume
  • Use it for creme brulee, flan, flaming food, caramelized sugar and onions and much more
  • Practical culinary torch works at any angle and has an attachable tabletop base for hands-free work

Newport Zero Butane torch lighter has a self-igniting piezo ignition system and gas flow adjustment feature which gives you complete control to adjust the flame length as well as the advantage to switching from a jet flame to flame lighter with a safety flame lock to lock your flame on while you're working and to lock it off.


  • Height: 10 inch 
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Flame temperature: 1100˚C to 1300˚C (2000˚F to 2400˚F)
  • Color: available in 5 colors. Choose your color from the drop-down menu above
  • Fuel tank capacity: 35 ml (1.18 fl oz). It can be refilled 8 times for each 300 ml (1.18 fl oz) gas canister


  • Keep out of reach of children
  • It does not come with butane gas (sold separately)
  • Read instruction carefully before filling with gas and start using it
  • Use high-quality butane gas and suggest to refill with Newport refined butane gas

Piezo ignition uses the principle of piezoelectricity. When a button is pressed, hits a crystal of PZT or quartz crystal and creates an electric spark which ignites the gas. Quartz is piezoelectric. 


  • Prior to filling with butane, make sure the gas refill valve is tight.  
  • Shake gas container a few times to warm fuel up.
  • Turn off the flame knob clockwise.
  • Insert the container nozzle vertically down into the gas refill valve.
  • After fueling, allow a few minutes for the gas to stabilize. 


Find your butane gas here

Here's what our customers think:

"This torch is really nice and a little cheaper than the other big torch. This is pretty big in your hand. I like the brand, Newport."


"Coolest torch Ever. Got it for a friend in the business and not only does it work great, it's easy on fuel. Super happy with it for sure!"


"This is a very nice torch. I fell in love with it. It sparks on the first try every time. The ignition button is very easy to use. The flame lock switch works fantastic. You can hold this at any angle during operation and the flame stays steady and consistent (EVEN UPSIDE-DOWN) Overall I am very pleased with this torch."


"Extremely efficient and powerful torch. I love it!"


"Great torch! And it's gold so come on"


Have had Newport torches before and this one lives up to the Newport name. This torch is huge! Works great, powerful flame, and I'm not anticipating having to refill it very often which is exactly why I ordered it."


"I'm in love with this torch, perfect color, monster size, bigger than I expected. Shoots more flame out than needed so there's plenty of heat. It's an awesome torch, everyone so far I showed like it a lot."


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