Jili - Dessert Cups

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Jili - Dessert Cups

The Story

Founder & Owner of SupaCute Desserts Monique shares the story behind Jili cups:

Jili means a girl who is gorgeous and cool and probably the coolest chick you will ever meet. Jili is the twin sister of Joli dessert cups.

These were the first cups that I designed here in California and their mold was born back in 2013.

Jili gained a lot of popularity as soon as it launched and from that, I was inspired with its name. It is SupaCute for little single servings and looks gorgeous by dressing up any dessert.

Jili and Joli are similar but I can see always a "challenge" between each of them on who’s going to be more trendy, like real twins ;).

Frankly, Jili always reminds me of challenge and that gives me energy every day and drive me to keep going in my personal life and in my business. Without it our life is boring. Challenge is the pathway to engagement and progress in our lives.

I hope Jili will give you the wow factor that you’re looking for” -Monique

The Product
  • 100% BPA-free plastic
  • Keep your desserts fresh in time for the party by keeping them in the fridge or freezing them.  Can withstand freezer temperatures up to -20° Celsius
  • Simply throw them away for easy after-party cleaning.  No washing plates or glass cups.  Don't worry, they're recyclable :)
  • Or wash and reuse them for your next event (reusable). Hand-wash only.


  • 3.38 oz | 99.96 ml each
  • Height 2.75 inch | 6.99 cm
  • Diameter 1.97 x 1.97 in | 5 x 5 cm
Here's what our customers think:

"Super duper cute! I used my cups to make mini yogurt parfaits for a teacher appreciation breakfast and everyone asked where I got them. I have purchased a similar item on Amazon and they didn't have the dome and the spoons were sold separately.
The tops are secure and very easy to snap on."

-Nakkia M. May

"I made chocolate Kahlua trifles and strawberry shortcakes for a dessert party in them. They were a big hit! They are indeed supa cute!"


"Super cute. Love the shape and quality. I'm planning to use them for a baby shower this coming week. I plan to fill them with "shrimp ceviche." I can already hear the compliments and questions. Where did you get those darling glasses?"

-Rosemarie Ramirez

Why should I use SupaCute plastic cups instead of glass ones?

Good question!  Here are a few reasons:

  • They don't break easily like glass cups do.  
  • They don't scratch.
  • They're easy to take anywhere without worrying about breaking them.
  • They are light & easy to carry.
  • It's not a good idea to have glass cups at a kid's birthday or pool party :)
  • Glass cups are more expensive and aren't disposable.
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