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La Boule - Large Ice Cream Cups

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La Boule - Large Ice Cream Cups

The Story

Founder & Owner of SupaCute Desserts Monique shares the story behind La Boule cups:

"La Boule" is a French word meaning “The ball”. Actually, I name it La Boule because it fits 3 to 4 small scoop of ice cream which means, in this case, a ball of ice cream :).

The three pastel color of these cups and the design are stylish. I can see people using them by serving ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, Italian ice, fruit salads, and the choice is endless. I can see them overjoyed by having a big portion of desserts!

Truly, La Boule reminds me of a fashionable ice cream shop. They are perfect for any occasion and set the tone for your table and create a good ambiance and atmosphere.

I hope you will be overjoyed by using La Boule in your upcoming event!" -Monique

The Product
  • 100% BPA-free plastic
  • The 25 pack is a set of 25 cups and 25 spoons
  • Keep your desserts fresh in time for the party by keeping them in the fridge or freezing them.  Can withstand freezer temperatures up to -20° Celsius
  • Simply throw them away for easy after-party cleaning.  No washing plates or glass cups.  Don't worry, they're recyclable :)
  • Or wash and reuse them for your next event (reusable). Hand-wash only.
  • Available in 4 different packaging. Spoons sold separately for the pack of 100 cups and up.


  • Capacity: 7.10 oz - 209.97 ml
  • Height: 2.04 inch - 5.2 cm
  • Diameter: 3.74 in - 9.5 cm
  • Color: Pink, green and blue
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Size: Large
  • Shape: Flower
Here's what our customers think:

"These beautiful and durable dessert cups are stylish as well as durable. Perfect for frozen yogurt, fruit salads, and so much more! I love them because they offer an elegant design as well as three different beautiful gender neutral (pink, blue, and green) colors. These would be perfect for a wedding party or a baby shower in my opinion. I love that these are BPA free because I generally look for that when purchasing products. These are disposable as well as reusable, so it could offer easy clean-up or wash them and save them for your next occasion. I didn't see anything about these being dishwasher safe, so I didn't test them in that way. When I squeezed at these, they didn't crack like the competition. The serving spoons are nice and durable with many assorted colors, so perfect for children. Overall these are very nice and durable and I highly recommend them for your next special occasion for your guests."

-Super Me

"This is the cutest lot of sundae cups! They seem sturdy, & held up to be used for ice cream & being washed once so far. I am not sure if these were meant for one-time use, but I am definitely using them as many times as I can. Great idea for a party, sleepover, or just a fun night with the kids!"

-Jennifer B. Edwards

"These are as it says "SupaCute" plastic Sundae Cups. You get 25 little plastic cups that hold about a scoop of ice cream if you want to put toppings on it, maybe 2 scoops without toppings and 25 little plastic spoons in a variety of colors (Pink, green, blue). These would be cute for little kids birthday parties, gatherings where there is a sundae bar, or even for use at home.

It doesn't say whether or not they are dishwasher safe but I washed them on the top rack with no issues."

-Dawn Gross

Why should I use SupaCute plastic cups instead of glass ones?

Good question!  Here are a few reasons:

  • They don't break easily like glass cups do.  
  • They don't scratch.
  • They're easy to take anywhere without worrying about breaking them.
  • They are light & easy to carry.
  • It's not a good idea to have glass cups at a kid's birthday or pool party :)
  • Glass cups are more expensive and aren't disposable.
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