Original "Me" Round Push Up Pop

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Original "Me" Round Push Up Pop

The Story

Founder & Owner of SupaCute Desserts Monique shares the story behind Me round push up pops:

“The original “Me” round is the new and upgrade version of the phenomenal push up pop containers. And really we’re so happy by innovating new products and making new improved versions of the push up pop containers that benefit you in a variety of ways :).

SupaCute Desserts™ “Me” round push pops gained a lot of popularity and still until now getting more and more. These containers are so cute and practical. Nice and clear so it shows off the contents inside. They are easy to put together & to fill and safe to store & to ship. Fill them with cupcakes, layered cakes, ice cream, jello, pudding, cheesecakes, yogurt parfait and any of your creations.

They are great for presentation, ideal for mass productions, fun as confetti poppers and would also make a special favors at birthday parties, receptions, parties in general, etc..  I love the fact that the stick twists in, making the stick an option and not mandatory, easy to store, easy to fill, easy to ship and easy to twist in when you’re ready to enjoy eating your desserts.

Truly, the original “Me” round is the most advanced push pops in the market and it’s well known by its unique benefit with the twist in stick and base  and the 1 inch tall lid. They make simple desserts look so fancy and any party memorable.

I hope you will have a lot of compliments and an absolute hit at your parties!” -Monique

The Product
  • 100% BPA-free plastic
  • Keep your desserts fresh in time for the party by keeping them in the fridge or freezing them.  Can withstand freezer temperatures up to -20° Celsius
  • Simply throw them away for easy after-party cleaning.  No washing plates or glass cups.  Don't worry, they're recyclable :)
  • Or wash and reuse them for your next event (reusable). Dishwasher safe.


  • 3.04 oz | 89.90 ml each
  • Height (container) 3.25 inch | 8.25 cm.
  • Diameter 2 in | 5.08 cm
Here's what our customers think:

 "Used these as confetti poppers for a gender reveal party. They work great. Just cover the outside in scrapbook paper, paint the tops, and fill with confetti in the right color!"

-Chico TwinMommy

"This 25 Piece Screw in Stick and Base Push Up Pop Set is quite useful and fun to have around the house. I won this set in a contest I saw on a blog. With a set this large, entertaining is no issue. This set is also great for large families. You can sit down with your kids, and make a few different types of desserts before placing them in the freezer to set, or refrigerator. I love that they have caps. A lot of little ones never finish their food in one sitting. With these, you can cap and refreeze or refrigerate. The capacity is 3.04 ounces, and the physical measurement is 3.25" of the dessert cup part. I like the flat to lid, too. You don't have to worry about it rolling away while you're eating. These would also make great favors at birthday parties, receptions, parties in general, etc.. They are made beautifully too. We experienced no leakage. We are having a lot of fun with these and definitely recommend them."

-Carol S.

"These containers are so cute and practical. They are so many way you are use them. I love the fact that the stick screws in, making the stick a option and not mandatory."

-Momma of 3

Why should I use SupaCute push up pops ?

Good question!  Here are a few reasons:

SupaCute push up pops has a unique features that benefit you in many ways:

  • To store: Untwist the stick for EASY storage.
  • To ship: Untwist the stick for EASY and SAFE shipping.
  • To mass produce: Untwist the stick and the container will sit up for EASY filling.
  • To serve: Twist the stick into the base and voilà, it's done!
  • The 1" tall top flat lid gives you a taller enhancement to the final moment of preparing and garnishing an artful push up pops.

It was perfect before and now it's much better!

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