Yep, it's that simple.

All you gotta do is...

1. Create an account or login below (you'll get $1 discount just for registering (100 BK Points)).

2. Click the box "View Rewards Points", then "Referrals" and copy and paste your custom referral link on Facebook, Twitter and/or email it friends and family -- tell them that they'll get a 10% off discount code! 

3. When they use the 10% off discount code to make a BottleKeeper purchase and create an account, you'll get a $20 discount code to use towards your next BottleKeeper order. Every. Single. Time. 

*Special details: in order to get credit, the buyer must be new to BottleKeeper, use your referral link, enter the 10% discount code and create an account when they make a purchase -- you will not get the referral credit if they don't use the 10% discount code or create an account. Discount codes and credits cannot be applied to shipping. We reserve the right, at our sole and absolute discretion, to decline the receipt or use of referral credits if we feel there's any funny business.